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Is there a way to have a single ContainerView with multiple embed segues? The aim is for a ContainerView to hold a few different ViewControllers depending on what buttons have been pressed; only one is going to be visible at a time. I want to use embed segues so that in Interface Builder the storyboards are automatically shown at the same size as the ContainerView.

I realise that I can manually resize the other ViewControllers in InterfaceBuilder, but I want the automatic sizing provided by the embed segue. If another way of doing that is available, that would be fine too. Not having the views load on viewDidLoad is fine - as mentioned earlier, the shown ViewController can change depending on the buttons pressed.

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No, there is no way to have multiple embed segues to one container view. One way to do all the setup in IB, would be to make the embedded controller a UITabBarController (with the tab bar hidden). You can then have as many controllers in the tabs as you want, and switch to them in code using the selectedIndex property of UITabBarController.

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I looked around quite a bit before asking, but I suppose I kept hoping I'd missed something. Oh well, I'll just live with the views being the wrong size. (Your idea about using the TabBarController is interesting, but unfortunately my ContainerView is already is another TabBarController). –  Steve Haley Aug 23 '13 at 17:24

I recognize this question is a bit old, but I wanted to answer in case you're still looking or other people find this. I had a similar issue and I worked around it.

In short, you'll have three layers:
- an external view controller ("ExternalViewController")
- a view controller manager ("ViewControllerManager")
- the child view controllers you actually want to be switching between ("ChildViewController")

Use a container view in ExternalViewController with an embed segue to the ViewControllerManager. ViewControllerManager itself would then hold other ChildViewControllers programmatically as described in this Apple documentation, specifically the section on adding and removing a child.

When you add a child view controller, set its frame to be the same as the ViewControllerManager's frame (since you're doing this inside the ViewControllerManager, set the child's frame equal to self.view.frame). You will also need some logic and an external control to do the switching inside of ExternalViewController, of course.

Hope this helps!

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I've achieved that by making use of -shouldPerformSegueWithIdentifier:sender:. I have a container that is passed an object and depending on the type of this object decides which child view controller to show.

The structure seems a little over complicated but allows the base view controller to ignore the different types of tasks I have, leaving that to the container view controller. The container view controller has then multiple container views which segues are only performed depending on the type of task.

I don't know if you can actually perform the embed segues manually by calling -performSegueWithIdentifier:sender: but that could also be a possibility.

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