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I looked quite some time to find a solution to this bug. When trying to Cross-Compile Apache for an Arm (I am sure that this could happen for many other Architectures), I would get this bug from with in the server folder:

 ./gen_test_char: cannot execute binary file

This means that Apache is trying to compile this test_char.h generator for the actual device while I need it to run on my Ubuntu where I am Cross-Compiling. Ubuntu does not recognize the compiled gen_test_char as an executable so I need to get it compiled correctly for Ubuntu.

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I searched and searched and found several tries to patch but none of them worked. Most of these were patches suggested directly from the Apache dev group.

But I finally came across this Apache mail list. It suggests a straight forward solution that the patches could not provide.

Compile the gen_test_char app before trying to cross-compile Apache. So I did. And followed the suggestions and it worked like a charm.

instead just compile gen_test_char.c 1st with something like: gcc -Wall -O2 -DCROSS_COMPILE gen_test_char.c -s -o gen_test_char then run it and put its output into the include folder (or where its placed normaly);

and after this compilation run it to get the desired output with:

 ./gen_test_char > test_char.h
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