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I installed boost library in my ubuntu 12.04 LTS using command libboost-all-dev, but when I include /boost/geometry.hpp it doesn't get included. I have checked the system and it doesn't contain any geometry.hpp file or even any geometry. There is no geometry file in the boost library that i downloaded

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maybe you can try find /usr/ -name 'geometry.hpp' to check whether this file is on your disk – tintin Mar 7 '14 at 7:01

I downloaded boost 1.54 from 2 days ago. The version I got has




how did you get boost?

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Poking around a bit, downloading boost from the command line (apt-get or whatever) gets you boost version 1.46, but the geometry library only came out with boost 1.47.
You're better off getting boost from because ubuntu's repositories are always (in my expericence) several versions behind the most recent.

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As mentioned before you may download the most recent version of Boost from here:

Then to install it follow this guide:

In short:

$ ./


$ ./b2 install

This will build all libraries (that are required to be built) and copy headers and libs into the /usr directory. So you should probably put sudo before ./b2. Then you'll be able to use them without passing additional parameters into the compiler.

It's also possible to build only some of the libaries. Check the guide.

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