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Within emacs, what are the best options out there for navigating to a specific function whose name might show up across several different files? Within etags, you are only allowed to cycle through the tags one-at-a-time which could take a while if the function name you are looking for is popular.

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C-u M-. cycles all locations of the same tag, but if you want to see a list of all tags that match your function name you can use the command tags-apropos.

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If your programming language is C then cscope is much better than etags. It presents you with an interactive list of a symbol instances with its context. More info is in this answer

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  1. Icicles tag commands

    In particular, use command icicle-find-tag, to do what all of these vanilla commands do:

    • find-tag (M-.) to find a tag
    • tags-loop-continue (M-,) to find another matching tag
    • tags-apropos to list all tags that match a regexp
    • list-tags to show all tags (definitions) in a given source file.

    icicle-find-tag is a general tags browser: being a multicommand, you can visit any number of tags, in any order, in a single invocation.

  2. Icicles imenu -- Imenu across files or buffers. Search within selected function definitions (as the search contexts).

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