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I am using mongoose population to join documents

var UsersSchema = Schema({
        username: String,
        password: {type: String, select: false },
        fname: String,
        lname: String,
        role: String,
        apps: [
                //using populate here
                app: {type:ObjectId, ref: "applications"},
                pinned: Boolean
    }, { collection : 'user' });

this is being called like this

findById: function(id, items, callback){
            User.findById(id, items , function(err, doc){

This all works groovy. My problem is when i want to push in a new app into the value that is being populated. This is what i am doing.


            type: "PUT",
            url: userUrl + userId,
            contentType: "application/json",
            data: JSON.stringify({
                "app": currentApp.attributes._id,
                "pinned": false
            success: function(){

Node Server:

                        $push : {
                            apps : {
                    }, options, function(err, data){

This also seems to do the update correct. The issue is the way it is being added to my Mongo document

    "_id": {
        "$oid": "520953dde4b00c03eeb39950"
    "apps": [
            "app": "5217685be4b061d31fe3cc41",
            "pinned": true
            "app": "5208edb2e4b0b41ab826aca1",
            "pinned": false
//this is what was added
            "pinned": false,
            "app": {
                "$oid": "5208ed90e4b0b41ab826ac9f"
            "_id": {
                "$oid": "5217ac368d334b020000000a"
    "fname": "Frank",
    "lname": "Miggz",
    "password": "password123",
    "role": "2",
    "username": "blah"

How do I:

Remove _id Have only the value of app show up so it looks like this

"app": "5208ed90e4b0b41ab826ac9f"
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1 Answer 1

Just realized that the values I pre-populated should have been in the format that I am getting back since it is set as a "type:ObjectId" in the Schema. I believe I will have to repopulate to match the ObjectId structure

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