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So I have a function here that allegedly reads values from a .cfg file and the file is set up correctly, but my values are not being reflected by changes I make to the file. So I debug. The problem is that it skips over the iterations where the value is looked for! So I can't tell if it's just accepting the default value, or if something else is wrong.

bool ConfigReader::GetBool(const std::string theSection,
                           const std::string theName, const bool theDefault) const
    bool anResult = theDefault; // this is the line where I have a breakpoint set

    // Check if theSection really exists
    std::map<const std::string, typeNameValue*>::const_iterator iter;
    iter = mSections.find(theSection);
    if(iter != mSections.end())
        // Try to obtain the name, value pair
        typeNameValue* anMap = iter->second;
        if(NULL != anMap)
            typeNameValueIter iterNameValue;
            iterNameValue = anMap->find(theName);
            if(iterNameValue != anMap->end())
                anResult = ParseBool(iterNameValue->second, theDefault);

    // Return the result found or theDefault assigned above
    return anResult; // this is the line where it skips to (not much help)

I've tried putting breakpoints on lines in between the skip, but it skips them anyway.

I'm not sure if my issue is related to this, but it sounds similar: Stepping through the code is stopping on STL code when debugging c++ with Xcode 4.5

Anybody know what could be happening here, or what I could do to fix/avoid it? Also, if I posted incorrectly I apologize in advance.

Call to the GetBool function:

                      settingsConfig.GetAsset().GetBool("music", "on", true));
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Obvious opening question that likely doesn't even need to be asked: is it definitely a debug build? Release builds don't always map 1:1 to source code lines in the order originally presented. –  Tommy Aug 23 '13 at 21:03
I should have thought of that. I switched over to release because of a linker error that would run a template instead of my code. I did the following: stackoverflow.com/questions/1372229/… and now it debugs properly. Thanks. –  Jazzertron Aug 24 '13 at 1:05

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