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I have codan static code analysis running under Eclipse, I also want to integrate this on our teamcity buildserver but I don't know how. Does some one have some experiance with running codan on a teamcity buildserver?

Or are there other better open source ansi c code analysers which can run on teamcity?

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I don't have experience with codan, but the answer is simple: can you run it from the commandline and output results to file?

If so, then TeamCity can easily run it.

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I haven't used Codan before, but a quick look seems like it provides more of a plugin framework for static analysis?

cppcheck has worked well for me in the past and has a large set of checks.

It's executed from the command line and can dump issues it finds to a simple XML format. You can parse that in your build script to produce an HTML report and output TeamCity build statistics (great for graphing progress over time and failing the build if changes increase issues).

See the cppcheck manual for examples. I haven't tried it, but there's also a cppcheck Eclipse plugin if you want to keep the IDE integration.

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