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I am attempting to call a method, from_server, giving it a block that will accept the results. from_server loads a list of items from an api then for each in the list calls a function add_update giving it a block to accept the results for each detail. When all of the details have been handled, the from_server calls its block to return the summary.

I can get the low levels to work ok. My problem is the first function calls its block before everything is done.

Not sure why or where I need to put the

The main caller

from_server do |updates, inserts|
  puts "\n  Updates = #{updates}"
  puts "  Inserts = #{inserts}\n\n"
  puts 'all Done'

the from_server function that calles the

def from_server(&block)
  inserts = 0
  updates = 0
  channels = [1,2,4,6,7]
  for channels.each do
    add_update("/api/channels/#{channel}", &block) do |added, channel|
      if added
        inserts += 1
        updates += 1
      #do some things with channel
    end, inserts) unless block.nil? # problem is here gets returned as soon as all channels have been started on a thread

gets the list and processes each item

def from_server(&block)
  uri = '/api/channels'
  ApiRequest.get(uri) do |header, body|
    new_count = 0
    update_count = 0
    puts "\nList Body = #{body}\n"
    body.each do |channel|
      add_update(channel['uri']) do |new, ad_channel|
        if new
          puts "\nNew #{ad_channel}"
          new_count += 1
          puts "\nUpdate #{ad_channel}"
          update_count += 1
    puts "\nDONE\n", new_count) unless block.nil?
    puts "All Requests Done\n"
  puts "Request all channels started"

Processes each item

def add_update(channel_uri, &block)
  ApiRequest.get(channel_uri) do |header, body|
    if ad_channel = AdvChannel.find(name: body['name']).first
      puts "\n#{} already exists"
      new = false
      ad_channel = AdvChannel.create(name: body['name'],
                                     phone: body['phone'],
                                     url: body['uri'],
                                     admin_url: body['admin_url'],
                                     channel_code: body['channel_code'],
                                     uri: channel_uri)
      puts "\nInserting #{} - #{}"
      new = true
    end, ad_channel)  if block_given?

The results from executing the caller are: give me the following:

Request all channels started immediately  (expected)
the List Body string (expected)
Add update one started (expected)

DONE  (unexpected should be after all are done)
  Updates = 0  (unexpected should be after all are done)
  Inserts = 0   (unexpected should be after all are done)
all Done   (unexpected should be after all are done)
All Requested Done (unexpected should be after all are done)

the insert or update information for each channel (expected)

How do I get the summary after all is complete?

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Can you reformat your question? The code blocks are all messed up. – markrickert Aug 25 '13 at 14:14
Sorry corrected the functions. from_server add or updates all the channels from the server to the local database and does some work with each one is the flow. – Donald French Aug 26 '13 at 16:25

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