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I am using camel to implement a route, that load data from DB and then apply some processing on it before producing results that are saved in the DB again. This is part of a web application.

My problem is this war is going to be deployed by a load balancer into two servers. Then there will be two camel contexts with two routes performing the same processing on the same DB.

I will have the case where the same record is being processed by the two routes. How to handle this problem to prevent the routes from performing the same job twice?

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Is the load balancer not sending the request to only one of the 2 servers? And if so, only one of the servers is processing the record? If not can you explain better why you have 2 CamelContext processing the same record at the same time? –  Claus Ibsen Aug 24 '13 at 10:05
Also this question is not really Camel specific, but more a general architectual problem –  Claus Ibsen Aug 24 '13 at 10:06
The routes are configured to run periodically using "timer". So they are both running on the two servers. –  Transient Aug 24 '13 at 12:01

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If you need to have that setup so that each server might receive the same record - then you need an idempotent route. And you need to make sure your idempotent repository is the same between your machines. Using a database as the repository is an easy option. If you do not have a database, a hazelcast repo might be an option.

What can be an issue is to determine what is unique in your records - such as an order number or customer + date/time or some increasing transaction ID number.

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