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We were using IronRuby in our applications for some simple scripting of biz logic and rules.

We are trying to upgrade everything to .NET 4.5 - and our ScriptRuntime/IronRuby code is not happy with that. It does not lok like IronRuby has had a lot of traction lately, so we are wondering what would be a good scripting engine to switch to that is best supported by a .NET 4.5 environment. We prefer simple - the less third-party stuff we have to bring in the better. OUr scripts are also simple - not a big effort to convert.


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If converting your scripts to C# isn't a problem, I would recommend looking into the Microsoft "Roslyn" CTP and its Scripting API.

Because the .NET compiler developers are currently rebuilding their compilers in the Roslyn architecture and the Visual Studio team intends to consume the Roslyn compilers in the future, it's a safe bet that support for this scenario will remain for quite some time.

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If you're not looking to consume the Roslyn architecture, you could also leverage Windows PowerShell by writing a custom host application that can execute PowerShell scripts that contain your business logic.

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