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I have a line of code in my module that looks exactly like this:


Unfortunately, it doesn't create the desired directory (I have checked, and do have permissions there).

However, if I change it to the following:

make_path($root_dir, {});

It works fine. A couple lines earlier, I'm getting the same odd behaviour with make_path($root_dir); vs make_path($root_dir, {});. Any ideas why this could be?

I'm using perl 5, version 16, and File:Path version 2.09.

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Seems odd. Can you provide a reproducible example? What exactly is $root_dir? Is anything being printed to stderr? –  rutter Aug 23 '13 at 20:58
Good plan @rutter. I actually just solved it. $root_dir is a Path::Class::Dir, so make_path must be converting it to a scalar at a different time when there's a config hash or something. passing in "$root_dir" works. I'll post a proper answer when I get home. –  Chris Cooper Aug 23 '13 at 21:05

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Path::Class::Dir class creates hash-based objects.

make_path's usage is make_path(PATHS, OPTIONS_HASH).

When you pass a Path::Class::Dir object as make_path's last argument, it's taken as the options hash.

You can work around this by explicitly providing an options hash

make_path($path, {})

or by explicitly stringifying the path

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