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I was wondering if there is a possibility to reinitialize foundation after the content was changed with ajax.

In my case I am trying to reinitialize foundations abide form validation on a form that is passed back from an ajax call.

I tried to just call $(document).foundation() which should reinit all the javascript ...

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nice, I found out how to reinitialize the abide validation on my form

just call


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Not sure that I get this. You just call (document).foundation('abide','events'); after the event? Because that isn't working for me :-S – bvl Feb 12 at 23:23
try it with an $ at the beginning $(document).foundation('abide','events'); not (document).foundation('abide','events'); – Thomas Venturini Feb 14 at 19:20
Ahh, sorry, of ofcourse there is an $, well jQuery actually. Use it in Angular – bvl Feb 15 at 3:55

While this seems to still work for now in Foundation 5, there's an updated way to correctly do this in Foundation 5:

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