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What I am wondering is, how can I edit an already existent item in the context menu that opens up when a session that has been selected is right clicked? Specifically speaking, I am looking to change the text for the item "Unlock For Editing" through the Fiddler2 Script Editor. This seems quite simple, but I when looking through FiddlerApplication.UI, the only thing I can find relating to a context menu strip is FiddlerApplication.UI.ContextMenuStrip and I don't see any items within the direct members. Maybe I am looking over something, but all I know is that I can't find the item for which text should be "Unlock For Editing". Also, if somebody does know what I am talking about, I have yet one more question; how can I make something happen upon the event of the context menu being opened, and without overriding the original code for the opening event method? Thank you for any help!

Update to the earlier post:
I have found the direct member to the ContextMenu that I was looking for.
The ContextMenu member for the session list was inside of the SessionListView data member for the list of sessions, which member is named FiddlerApplication.UI.lvSessions.

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You didn't say why you hope to do this?

Changing existing menu items isn't a supported action and while it's not hard to do so in a "hacky" way, that hack is very likely to break in a future update to Fiddler.

In contrast, adding new items to the context menu is supported and is accomplished by adding a ContextAction attribute on a method in your FiddlerScript.

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