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I've PHP String of around 4000 chars; if anywhere in this PHP string $input1, $input2 or $input3 is identified, I want to replace same with $output string. In Summary I want to remove "\newline" after "\end{Figure}"

$input1 = "\end{Figure}\newline";
$input2 = "\end{Figure} \newline";
$input3 = "\end{Figure}\newline "

Required output: 
$output = "\end{Figure}"; 

Can you please suggest how to achieve required output?

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Your question is not very clear, but perhaps this is what you are looking for:

$result = preg_replace('~\\\end\{Figure}\K( )?\\\newline(?(1)| )~', '', $text);

pattern details:

~                # pattern delimiter
\\\              # backslash (must be double escaped inside quotes)
\K               # reset the begining of the match
( )?             # optional capturing group n°1
(?(1)| )         # if capturing group n°1 exists there is nothing else a space 
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PERFECT ... you are genius... this is exactly i'm looking for. Thank You –  Pawan Mude Aug 24 '13 at 15:31
Thanks for giving breakup of pattern; this is very much useful –  Pawan Mude Aug 24 '13 at 16:18

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