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I've been doing a lot of finding and replacing in Sublime Text and decided I needed to learn RegEx. So far, so good. I'm no expert by any means, but I'm learning quickly.

The trouble is knowing how to replace open-ended HTML matches.

For example, I wanted to find all <button>s that didn't have a role attribute. After some hacking and searching, I came up with the following pattern (see in action):


Great! Except, in the code base I'm working in, there are tons of results.
How do I do about replacing the results safely by injecting role=button at the end of <button, just before the closing > in the opening tag?

Desired results
Before: <button type="button">
After: <button type="button" role="button">

Before: <button class="btn-lg" type="button">
After: <button class="btn-lg" type="button" role="button">

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You can capture everything before the ending > and put it back, before the insertion of role=button:


This captures everything in the tag.

Replace by:

<$1 role="button">

The $1 contains what the first regex captured.

See the updated regexr.

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Woohoo! Thanks! – Kevin Suttle Aug 24 '13 at 6:42

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