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I followed the step by step guide to install MvcMailer via NuGet but:

  1. that didn't install any new Reference to my project
  2. the using Mvc.Mailer is not resolved on the UserMailer.cs

this version is supposed to be compatible with .Net 4.0... Am I missing something ? Do I have something to install manually ?

If anybody has an alternative solution to this, I am just looking for a "clean" way to generate email within my MVC4 project .Net Framework 4 (4.0.3)


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oups I just read this:… – Bro Aug 24 '13 at 6:53

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I had the same problem, It was resolved with 4.0.0 version of mvc Mailer

PM> Install-Package MvcMailer -Version 4.0.0`
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