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So I am writing app that uses you gps and a destination gps and given you a bearing. I have all of that working, you can test it you self from my github account, just hit the download zip at the bottom right. Warning you will get some alerts tho.


My question is given that I have an arrow on a canvas how do I know which way is north so I can correctly use my bearing to re-draw the arrow to point to the building?

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This is a new feature and not totally supported yet and probably explains why no one answered the question,but here are links that have helped me and I an close to finishing my project.

1) http://mobiforge.com/developing/story/html5-mobile-web-device-orientation-events this link is about how to do exactly what I asked about, it has 3 sources at the bottom of the article you should read through those as well.

2)http://jsfiddle.net/sidonaldson/ZuPYM/ I think the aforementioned link might include this source as well but I just posted this to be extra safe so you don't have to go digging through the pits of google.

(function() {
if (window.DeviceOrientationEvent) 
    $("e").innerHTML = "DeviceOrientationEvent";
    window.addEventListener('deviceorientation', function(e) '
        // y-axis - yaw
        var g = e.gamma || 0;
        // x-axis - tilt
        var b = e.beta || 0;
        // z=axis - swivel
        var a = e.alpha || 0;
        // degree north
        var c = e.compassHeading || e.webkitCompassHeading || 0;
        // accuracy in deg
        var accuracy = e.compassAccuracy || e.webkitCompassAccuracy || 0;
        deviceOrientationHandler(g, b, a, c, accuracy);
    }, false);
    $("e").innerHTML = "NOT SUPPORTED #FAIL";
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