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how to assign a test file in resharper?

whenever I select 'run tests' it says no test file found.

I created a test project, how do I link it?

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I've only done minimal work with NUnit and Resharper, but the way I've always done it is just write all of the test code in your test project, and link/include the library you want to test using using statements. Make sure to include the [TestFixture] and [Test] attributes in your test classes, and when you select "Run Unit Tests" in VS on your test project, it should go through each [TestFixture] class and run all of the [Test] functions.

All that being said, I have found that running nunit tests in Resharper (v3.1 at least) to be less than ideal. It does not recognize some test conditions such as ExpectedException, so I always run my tests directly in NUnit itself.

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missing the textfixture, doh! –  mrblah Dec 3 '09 at 18:06

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