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I am new at rails... I just want to know what is the complete procedure to populate seed data table in my project. As I use the following command:

$ rake db:seed:dump MODELS=Country

and I further have some more tables to for seed data. Please define me the complete procedure to do that.

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From your command in your question, you are using seed_dump gem.

If you want to dump all table to populate the seed file, you can simply use:

$ rake db:seed:dump

If you want some tables, you can use a list of models (comma separated) like this to specify only the models you want to dump.

$ rake db:seed:dump MODELS=Country,User,Product

The output will be at db/seed.rb

Now, if you want to seed the data, you can simply use:

$ rake db:seed RAILS_ENV=[your_environment]

Please refer to more example at seed_dump gem.

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Simply we can rake db:seed

Otherwise http://railscasts.com/episodes/179-seed-data?view=asciicast

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Tutorial step by step (for example model Country with name and population):

1) In db/seeds.rb

country_list = [
  [ "Russia", 143347059 ],
  [ "Germany", 81802000 ],
  [ "France", 60876136 ]

country_list.each do |name, population|
  Country.create( name: name, population: population )

2) Run rake db:seed

3) Thats all. In your Country table we have 3 countries. Congratulations!

Several resources about data seed:

  1. RailsCast
  2. ASCIIcast
  3. Rails Best Practices
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I want to know the complete procedure to do that all for seed data in the tables –  Wasi Khn Aug 24 '13 at 7:41

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