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I write SL5 application. I signed with thawte code sign certificate. I set registery that allow run inside browser. When I check haselevationpermission I got false. If I install certificate in trusted puplishers I got true.

But my application will be used by enduser and I can't tell them "install this certificate into Trusted publishers"

What is wrong? Any advice?

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You shouldn't have to tell them to install into Trusted publishers, as the root certificate should already be there for Thawte. Try installing on a different machine and see if you get the same results.

When installing OOB with a valid cert, the install dialogs will look different than with an invalid cert. Does it look like a valid cert, or not when you install? It should of course.

Also, make sure you check the "Require elevated trust when running outside the browser" checkbox in the OOB settings.


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I tested it on 3 different machine (win 7 , Window server 2008 and windows 8) In certificate Manager, Trusted publisher list is empty. When I install OOB, Cert seems valid. (It shows Company Name as well) I also check Require elevated trust when running outside the browser and in browser.

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