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Overall, I have an object that keeps track of selected checkbox IDs. The way it does this is by pushing/slicing the IDs into/out of an array, $Grid.selectedRows. This object also binds a 'refresh' method to a refresh button. I have a class that I created that object from, KendoGridSelection.

My issue is the button bound inside of the class shows the correct array values, while the button bound outside of the class with the public selectedRows property no longer updates after the refresh button is clicked.

For testing purposes, I have two seeSelectedRowsArray buttons:

  1. seeSelectedRowsArray button (Bound internally)
  2. seeSelectedRowsArray2 button (Bound outside of class)

I am testing in Chrome Version 28.0.1500.95 m

Here is my code:


var KendoGridSelection = function (gridID, pagerSelector) {
    var $Grid = this;
    $Grid.selectedRows = [];
    $Grid.gridID = gridID;
    $Grid.pagerSelector = pagerSelector;
    $Grid.grid = $($Grid.gridID).data('kendoGrid');
    $Grid.pager = $($Grid.pagerSelector).data('kendoPager');
    $Grid.gridCheckboxes = $('input[type=checkbox]', $Grid.gridID);
    $Grid.gridRows = $('table tbody tr', $Grid.gridID);
    $Grid.refreshButton = $('.refreshButton', $Grid.gridID);

    $Grid.bindUIEvents = function () {
        $Grid.gridCheckboxes = $('input[type=checkbox]', $Grid.gridID);
        $Grid.gridRows = $('.row', $Grid.gridID);

        // Row click event
        /*$($Grid.gridRows).click(function (e) {
            if (!$(e.target).parent().hasClass('k-hierarchy-cell')) $(this).find('input[type=checkbox]').click();

        // Checkbock click event
        $($Grid.gridCheckboxes).click(function (e) {
            console.log('checkbox clicked!');
            var $t = $(this);
            var checkboxID = $t.attr('id');
            var thisRow = $t.closest('tr');

            if ($t.is(':checked')) {
                // add to selected[]
                if ($.inArray(checkboxID, $Grid.selectedRows) === -1) $Grid.selectedRows.push(checkboxID);
            } else {
                // remove from selected[]
                $Grid.selectedRows.splice($.inArray(checkboxID, $Grid.selectedRows), 1);
    $Grid.gridPersistSelected = function () {
        $.each($Grid.selectedRows, function () {
            var $t = $('#' + this);
            if ($t) $t.click();
    $Grid.pagerChange = function () {
    $Grid.refresh = function () {
        $Grid.selectedRows = [];
        $Grid.gridCheckboxes.attr('checked', false);
        console.log('Refresh clicked.');
        console.log('$Grid.selectedRows: '+$Grid.selectedRows);

    // Init
    // $Grid.pager.bind("change", $Grid.pagerChange);
    // Unbind refresh button, then rebind
    // Refresh button


    return {
        selectedRows: $Grid.selectedRows,
        refresh: $Grid.refresh,

    window.activeThreatsGrid = new KendoGridSelection('.grid', '.pager');


<div class='grid'>
    <div class='row'>
        <label><input type="checkbox" id="item1"> </label>
    <div class='row'>
        <label><input type="checkbox" id="item2"> </label>
    <div class='row'>
        <label><input type="checkbox" id="item3"> </label>
    <div class='row'>
        <label><input type="checkbox" id="item4"> </label>
    <div class='row'>
        <label><input type="checkbox" id="item5"> </label>
    <div class='pager'>
        <input type="button" value="refresh" class="refreshButton">
        <div><input type="button" value="seeSelectedRowsArray" class="seeSelectedRowsArray"></div>
        <div><input type="button" value="seeSelectedRowsArray2" class="seeSelectedRowsArray2"></div>


.row{background:blue; height:20px; width:100px; margin-bottom:5px;}



What is happening:

  • When I click on multiple checkboxes, then click the seeSelectedRowsArray, I get the correct values in the array. I can do this however many times and still get the correct values.
  • When I hit the refresh button, my console.logs tell me my selectedRows array is empty. Then when I click the seeSelectedRowsArray, the array is empty (expected). When I click the seeSelectedRowsArray2, the array still has values in it.


What I have found is if I bind $Grid.selectedRows to a button click from within my class, it always gets the most current values, even after refresh. If I bind the public selectedRows to a button click outside of my class, after the refresh button is clicked, selectedRows no longer updates and gets stuck at the value just before the refresh.

Why does the button bound internally show the correct array values, while the button bound outside of the class with the public selectedRows property no longer updates after the refresh button is clicked?

Any help would be appreciated!

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Your problem lies in how you are returning/tracking references to the object.

In your constructor, you set $Grid = this

However, you return a new object as a result of the function:

return {
    selectedRows: $Grid.selectedRows,
    refresh: $Grid.refresh,

That returned object now only holds a reference to the current value of $Grid.selectedRows

When your refresh method sets $Grid.selectedRows to a new array it breaks the associated value from the returned object which remains set to the original array.

Change your refresh from:

$Grid.selectedRows = []


$Grid.selectedRows.length = 0;


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Is that just a guess? Or did you fork my JSFiddle and test? I would love to see it working. –  Fillip Peyton Aug 24 '13 at 16:24
Also, I did not use $Grid.selectedRows.length in any of my code. –  Fillip Peyton Aug 24 '13 at 16:24
It works - will add link to fiddle –  dc5 Aug 24 '13 at 16:25
Great, I tested it out and it works great. Thanks! –  Fillip Peyton Aug 24 '13 at 18:05

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