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I have a mercurial repository with a named branch branchA. The revision looks like this

default  --A-------------------------G
branchA       \---B---C---D---E---F

The output of hg branches is:

default    193:817540244f12 
branchA    192:b7cac921fec3

What I want to do is to merge the change G in default to branchA. But when I try to update to branchA with hg update branchA, hg branch shows it's still in default. With hg merge default, mercurial complains "abort: nothing to merge (use 'hg update' or check 'hg heads')". The hg heads output is:

changeset:   193:817540244f12
tag:         tip
parent:      188:7ccc08b69f25

changeset:   192:b7cac921fec3
branch:      branchA
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What does it say when you do hg update branchA? – Ringding Aug 24 '13 at 9:47
Does branchA show up when you run hg tags or hg bookmarks? – Edward Aug 24 '13 at 14:08

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