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is it possible to stack a sparse and a dense numpy array in python? I know this can be done for dense numpy arrays using vstack/hstack. I have some columns that I would like to add to a sparse matrix in order to increase the number of feature vectors

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Yes, you can use scipy.sparse.vstack and scipy.sparse.hstack, in the same way as you would use numpy.vstack and numpy.hstack for dense arrays.


from scipy.sparse import coo_matrix
m = coo_matrix(np.array([[0,0,1],[1,0,0],[1,0,0]]))
a = np.ones(m.shape)

With np.vstack:

#ValueError: all the input array dimensions except for the concatenation axis must match exactly

With scipy.sparse.vstack:

#<6x3 sparse matrix of type '<type 'numpy.float64'>'
#        with 12 stored elements in COOrdinate format>
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