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Attribute is an object in this form:

   var attribute = {
    AttributeId: attributeId,
    EntityId: entityId,
    AttributeDBName: attributeDbName,
    AttributeDisplayName: attributeDisplayName,
    IsSearchable: isSearchable,
    IsDeleted: isDeleted,
    IsVisible: isVisible,
    AttributeTypeId: attributeTypeId,
    Description: description,
    IsSystem: isSystem,
    IsActive: isActive,
    IsUnique: isUnique,
    IsRequired: isRequired,
    IsPersistent: isPersistent,
    DefaultValue: defaultValue

That attribute then gets passed to this function along with the ID of a grid:

function AddAttributeToGrid(attribute, gridId) {

    console.log(attribute); //Works! Displays the attribute.

    var id = a.attributeId;

    console.log(id);//UNDEFINED? WHAT?   


If I create a global variable (let's call it 'tempAttribute') and set it inside of AddAttributeToGrid, like so:

 function AddAttributeToGrid(attribute, gridId) {
    tempAttribute = attribute

I can then access the properties of tempAttribute...

Why can I not get the data from the properties? What is going on?

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The property of attribute is AttributeId, not attributeId.

JavaScript is case sensitive.

But this assumes you initialized your object with a defined attributeId to start with. This is not clear in your code.

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Omg. I can't believe that I missed that... LMFAO! Thanks :) –  Rich Aug 24 '13 at 11:34

i think you have

var id = a.attributeId;

instead of

var id = attribute.AttributeId;

inside the AddAttributeToGrid function definition

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Close :) Turns out it was just a damn capitol letter instead of lowercase! –  Rich Aug 24 '13 at 11:35

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