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I have a class, that contains various attributes and list of related objects. I am making a form to input/edit instances of the class. I am databinding attributes of the object (class instance) to the controls of the input/edit form.

Everything works fine except that i can not find a way to bind related object list to a listbox (with SelectionMode MultiExtended selected). Listbox control should contain all possible values and selected those values, that are in the list of related objects.

For example

Lets say I have a class "Client" that has related objects "Products" (that would be a list of products that this specific client is buying from me) When I edit Client record in a form, i need that the listbox (or devexpress listboxcontrol) "Products" contains all the products that i can supply, and selected only those products this Client is buying.

How can I accomplish this task using databinding?

P.S. I have found an old topic, that it was not possible to bind to listbox with multi-selection... is it still not possible? Maybe you can suggest to do it differently?

Two Way Binding on Multi-select WinForms Listbox?

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The SelectedItems property of the DevEx ListBoxControl is read only so you are not able to bind your collection to it. So, the short answer is No, you still can't use data binding in this situation. You can still data bind your list of all Products to populate the ListBoxControl, but because you are using multiple selection and because you can not data bind the selected items I would recommend against it.

Instead, just for this listbox, I would do things completely without data binding. For example to populate your control:

// populate the listbox with a list of all Products
// allProducts is an IEnumerable<Product> where Product has a Description property
listBoxControl1.Items.AddRange(allProducts.Select(x => x.Description).ToArray());

Then, to make your selections found in your Client class:

// "client" is type Client which contains a collection of selected Products
foreach (var product in client.Products)
    var idx = listBoxControl1.FindStringExact(product.Description);
    listBoxControl1.SetSelected(idx, true);

Then, when it is time to save, clear out the Products collection in your Client object and then use the ListBoxControl.SelectedItems property to repopulate it.

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