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I am trying to convert a date to dd/mm/yy formatusing JQuery datepicker. But I ended up with dd/mm/yyyy. Below is the code I tried -

chkIn = $.datepicker.formatDate("dd/mm/yy", cinDate); where cinDate is Thu Aug 29 2013 00:00:00 GMT+0530

chkIn is 29/08/2013

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Try this

$( "#datepicker" ).datepicker( "option", "mm/dd/y", cinDate );


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Read the documentation.

y - year (two digit)

yy - year (four digit)

So use chkIn = $.datepicker.formatDate("dd/mm/y", cinDate);

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I think, your code must work:

var cinDate = new Date(); // it must be a date object
var current_date = $.datepicker.formatDate('dd/mm/yy', cinDate);

It works for me.

Look at this: jsfiddle_example_for_datepicker_formatdate

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you have to use "dd/mm/y" instead of "dd/mm/yy"

chkIn = $.datepicker.formatDate("dd/mm/y", cinDate);

$.datepicker.formatDate( format, date, settings )

Format a date into a string value with a specified format.

The format can be combinations of the following:

d - day of month (no leading zero)
dd - day of month (two digit)
o - day of the year (no leading zeros)
oo - day of the year (three digit)
D - day name short
DD - day name long
m - month of year (no leading zero)
mm - month of year (two digit)
M - month name short
MM - month name long
y - year (two digit)
yy - year (four digit)
@ - Unix timestamp (ms since 01/01/1970)
! - Windows ticks (100ns since 01/01/0001)
'...' - literal text
'' - single quote
anything else - literal text


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