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Making a class that takes instructions (steps) from a data source and automates few HC ( Apache Http Client) actions.

Want to be able to carry out HTTP post, get and direct (like sending a JSON or XML/ soap message to a web server) calls.

Confused about when to use BasicHttpEntityEnclosingRequest vs BasicHttpReques what is the enclosing? Right now I have steps to init the context, provide param values, the URL, method etc when i want to submit this is what I'm doing:

        HttpPost httpost = null;//todo correct method
        //HttpEntity resp = this.httpclient.e

        HttpEntityEnclosingRequest reqEntity1 = null;//use this
        HttpRequest reqEntity = new BasicHttpRequest(method, urls, httpVer );//or this?
        URL url = new URL(urls);
        String hostNm = url.getHost();
        int port = url.getPort();
        String sche = url.getProtocol();"scheme/ proto :" + sche);
        HttpHost  httpHost = new HttpHost (hostNm, port, sche);
        response = this.httpclient.execute(httpHost, reqEntity, localContext);

Question : use one or the other or have another attribute for enclosing or regular HttpRequest?


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HTTP specification clearly defines only POST and PUT as methods which can enclose a request content body. Whether or not it is legal for other methods such as GET or HEAD to enclose a request body is subject to debate.

HttpCore follows strict interpretation of the HTTP specification and represent regular requests as HttpRequest which does not provide a method to set a content body. For methods such as PUT and POST it provides extended HttpEntityEnclosingRequest with extra methods for request entity manipulations.

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thanks so if method is Post i need it. the enclosing is the body part. i guess all obvious for those more familiar with http protocol wording – tgkprog Aug 25 '13 at 16:42
i was going to post this on the HC user group but am glad you follow stack :-) – tgkprog Aug 25 '13 at 16:44

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