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I have a table named people_temp_1 that contains:

Name          Age          PersonID
John          25           1
Jane          32           2
Chris         47           3

And another named people_temp_2 that contains additional information that is linked by the PersonID in table1:

ID          Profession          Location
1           Web Developer       Texas
2           Graphic Designer    North Carolina
3           Sales               California

And I want to create a new table called people that "merges" the data from both tables. How I am doing this now is:

INSERT INTO people(name, age, profession, location)
SELECT people_temp_1.name AS name,
people_temp_2.age AS age,
(SELECT people_temp_2.profession FROM people_temp_2 WHERE people_temp_2.id = people_temp_1.personId) AS profession,
(SELECT people_temp_2.location FROM people_temp_2 WHERE people_temp_2.id = people_temp_1.personId) AS location
FROM people_temp_1

As you can see I am using multiple select queries in the insert into query in order to get data that is relevant via the personId. It seems a little dirty to be doing multiple select queries when I should somehow be able to query the people_temp_2 table once and use all of its columns, but I can't figure out how to do that.

Is there a better way to structure that insert into statement?

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It's one of the basics of SQL - use join. In your case it's better to use outer join so you won't miss people from people_temp1 who don't have corresponding records in people_temp2:

insert into people(name, age, profession, location)
from people_temp1 as p1
    left outer join people_temp2 as p2 on p2.id = p1.person_id
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I went with this answer because of the suggestion of outer join. Although all answer appear to be correct. –  ryandlf Aug 24 '13 at 14:19

Use a JOIN.

INSERT INTO people(name, age, profession, location)
SELECT t1.name, t1.age, t2.profession, t2.location
FROM people_temp_1 t1
INNER JOIN people_temp_2 t2
ON t1.personid = t2.id
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Try to use join syntax as below

INSERT INTO people(name, age, profession, location)
SELECT p1.namename,
FROM people_temp_1 p1
JOIN people_temp_2 p2 on p2.id = p1.personId

More information about joins on mysql

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