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I have some projects in my workspace :

AndroidMonitoring # an android application
MonitoringModel # an android library project
DataServlet # servlet project

AndroidMonitoring (which depends on MonitoringModel,

in the Android section of the project properties)

compiles and runs just fine but I need the MonitoringModel classes to be available also in the DataServlet project. I added the Model as a dependency in the Java Build path of the DataServlet project but I get :

java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: gr/uoa/di/monitoring/model/Battery

I need the Model to be an Android library project as it contains android classes - but also contains the methods to parse the files in the servlet - is it possible ? How should I set this up ?

EDIT : MonitoringModel is here

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Solved !

  1. remove the dependency from DataServlet's java build path
  2. go to the MonitoringModel project and remove the library attribute, run it as an Android app remake it into a library (from here) Clean the MonitoringModel project
  3. grab the monitoringmodel.jar from bin/ and drop it into the DataServlet/WEB-INF/lib
  4. refresh and run on server
  5. done !

Will try and improve on this hack (linking to an external jar did not seem to work btw) - any better ideas will be accepted as an answer - however closing this for now.

EDIT : apparently step 3. can be substituted by creating a hard link from DataServlet/WEB-INF/lib/monitoringmodel.jar to monitoringmodel.jar - still testing this as some action sequences break the link methinks. Symbolic links do not seem to work though - reported this as a bug

EDIT2 : the steps below seem to work too - but I leave the manual procedure as it definitely works

  1. remove the dependency from DataServlet's java build path
  2. Hard link the monitoringmodel.jar from bin/ and to the DataServlet/WEB-INF/lib. I used shell link extension but this :

    mklink /H c:\path\to\WebContent\WEB-INF\lib\monitoringmodel.jar c:\path\to\bin\monitoringmodel.jar

    should also work

  3. Now everytime you make a change in monitoring model the jar is updated. You only have to refresh the servlet project (will be redeployed on server on its own by default)

Clarification : of course the servlet project is not meant to use android.* classes - this was not my issue - my issue was to have the model code in one place and this place had to be an android library

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First of all - I believe Java Web Project will not work with any of Android specific classes due to many reasons.
If your MonitoringModel contains some Java code that you want to share between Android and Web application you can extract it to separate Java project and use a Link Source option in Properties->Build Path to link it to both projects. enter image description here

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No the classes I want to share contain both android and pure java imports. Any way I can create a library project that can be used by both the android application and the web project ? – Mr_and_Mrs_D Aug 27 '13 at 17:28
No way. Your web project has no access to the Android SDK and shouldn't have. Your problem is in the design, just accept a different design. Problem solved. – user1545072 Sep 1 '13 at 6:24
@YekhezkelYovel: You have to add @<user> for me to get notified - can you elaborate on what you say ? I could make the servlet project an android project too for instance - can you suggest a different design ? The MonitoringModel is here – Mr_and_Mrs_D Sep 1 '13 at 17:08
@Mr_and_Mrs_D you wrote "use common logic, constants, enums etc - those should be in the same classes not copy pasted in different classes" - so take enums, constants and pure java common logic to separate java project and use it. Do not pull any of Android-specific classes to servlet project. Position.java it's a good example I think - I see no Android dependend classes on first look. – Viacheslav Sep 2 '13 at 17:24
@Mr_and_Mrs_D, I'm done here. Read your own post and tell me if you asked about making your model an Android project or not. Until you understand your own post no one can't help you. My advise is to rethink everything you need to do or want to do, and rewrite your question. Call me again after you do that. – user1545072 Sep 3 '13 at 12:25

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