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   INSERT INTO `points` (`id`, `news_id`, `point`, `user_ip`) VALUES
    (NULL, 2, 3, ''),
    (NULL, 2, 2, ''),
    (NULL, 2, 5, ''),
    (NU**LL, 1, 1, '');
    (NULL, 1, 4, '');
    (NULL, 3, 1, '');
    <table><tr><th>View Sample:</th><tr>
    <th>Top 10 News Point Tables</th><tr>
    <td>1. News 2 </td><td> 3.33 Poin</td><tr>
    <td>2. News 1 </td><td> 2.50 Point</td><tr>
    <td>3. News 3 </td><td> 1.00 Point</td><tr>

I'm using my code but it does not work sample:

$test1=mysql_query("SELECT news,COUNT(news) AS nws FROM points GROUP BY news");
$test2=mysql_query("SELECT  news,COUNT(news),sum(point) / count(news) AS average FROM points GROUP by news ORDER BY average DESC");

help please... */

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How to make the total average of the values ​​of the data by repeating with PHP? in english please? –  Cthulhu Aug 24 '13 at 15:40
what is news in query ? U dont have a column called as news!! –  Arun Kumar M Aug 24 '13 at 15:43

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