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First of all I feel really bad to ask this but I hope you can help me. I have a windows phone 7.1 one application with a progressbar. I would like to bind the progressbar TwoWay mode but I have tried a lot and could't find any solution.


public class CollectionViewModel : INotifyPropertyChanged
    private bool _isLoading;

    public bool IsLoading 
        get { return _isLoading; }

            if (_isLoading != value)
                _isLoading = value;


In my PivotPage I bind an instance of my collectionViewModel to my PivotItem like this:

 public partial class Main_PivotPage : PhoneApplicationPage
    CollectionViewModel _collectionViewModel;

    public Main_PivotPage()
        _collectionViewModel = new CollectionViewModel();
        collectionPivotItem.DataContext = _collectionViewModel;

Inside this pivotpage I have the ProgressBar that is bind to the IsLoading property.


 <ProgressBar IsIndeterminate="{Binding IsLoading, Mode=TwoWay}"/>

When I change the value of that property to true nothing will happen. The progressbar won't start loading.

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There's no reason for your binding to be two ways. What is collectionPivotItem? –  KooKiz Aug 24 '13 at 19:08
You're right two way binding is not necessary here, but one way won't work too. I also have the same problem with a textbox where I really need two way binding. collectionPivotItem is the name of a PivotItem inside a PivotControl I have also tried to bind to the datacontext in the progressbar but It would not make a difference –  user2714108 Aug 24 '13 at 19:35

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Well, I didn't mention that I nested the progressbar into a listfooter. That was the problem. However the weird thing is, that the binded datacontext is working for my longlistselector but not for the listfooter in it. I had to bind the datacontext separately to the progressBar just like this:

collectionPivotItem.DataContext = _collectionViewModel;
        progressBar.DataContext = _collectionViewModel;

This solved my problem.

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