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I have files like this in S3:


without srcPattern I can get all of the files from the bucket easily but I want to get a specific prefix, for example all of the 1's. I've tried using srcPattern but for some reason it's not picking up any of the files.

My current command is:

elastic-mapreduce --jobflow $JOBFLOW --jar /home/hadoop/lib/emr-s3distcp-1.0.jar \
--args '--src,s3n://some-bucket/,--dest,hdfs:///hdfs-input,--srcPattern,[0-9]-.*' \
--step-name "copying over s3 files" 
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Turns out you need .* in front of the regex

for example I needed


I'm guessing because the source pattern also includes the bucket name?

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This means we can control files included using regexp on the full path which is nice feature and should be clearly documented. – keiw Oct 30 '13 at 3:27

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