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I'm looking for an idea for a final project in .net.

I thought about building an IM AJAX app with .net but am kind of getting the feeling that the only way to do the video/audio chat is with flash and action script...

I have 4 month to do the project and the idea that in that time i will have the ability to learn a new language and implement the .net project with the flash part just for the video/audio doesn't seem very good.

Can any one correct me/give me any idea/help me/tell me if it is possible or should i look for a deferent project for that time frame?????

I really need some direction with that, I am looking for the past week at every answer over the wed and cant find a good solution.....please HELP!!!!!

10x.....What kind of server do i need if i want to use Silverlight (for the streaming, like red5 for flash and so on) and does visual studio 2008 support Silverlight?


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audio/video chat is only possible (under current technologies) via a plugin of some kind; flash is the more common one but Silverlight is good if you're already familiar w/ .net stuff.

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Silverlight 4.0 was just announced with cam support. From the demo it looked pretty easy. You can download the beta.

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You really should check WebORB. If you install it, you'll get an example Flex Video Chat with source code (Flex and .NET). --> Link

FluorineFX is also an alternative for .NET but I don't know if it comes with a Video Chat example.

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FluorineFX has also support for Video Chat See fluorinefx.com I haven't got any experience with Red5. WebORB and FluorineFX are great to start with. –  Lieven Cardoen Dec 3 '09 at 22:22

You can use Opentok-.NET-SDK as video stearming service and signalr to map the users togetter

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