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I have a chrome app that will be distributed as a normal file and not use the app store. I would like a way of updating it, preferably using the auto-update facility. However, I do not want to use an unsecured URL for the updates.

Is it possible to use any kind of authentication for updates? What approaches could I use to secure updates that would not be accessible to unauthorized users?

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You could customize each download of your app to have a different update URL. This could include credentials, or a token, that you gather during the conversion process leading to the initial download. In the event you find that a user has shared his unique URL, you could disable future updates from that URL, or update the app to a nonfunctional version.

As far as other approaches go, the update URL isn't parameterizable (other than certain predefined parameters), so you can't customize it after installation. I am fairly sure that the request doesn't include the update origin's cookies. So an approach like signing in to the origin through a web page and setting a cookie there won't work.

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