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I need a regular expression that would take the string after the last forward slash.

For example, considering I have the following string:


I need to take only the file.txt part (string).

Thank you :)

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You don't need a regex.

$string = "C:/dir/file.txt";

$filetemp = explode("/",$string);

$file = end($filetemp);

Edited because I remember the latest PHP spitting errors out about chaining these types of functions.

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Thank you! That solved my problem. – Keeper Aug 24 '13 at 22:30

If your strings are always paths you should consider the basename() function.


$string = 'C:/dir/file.txt';

$file = basename($string);

Otherwise, the other answers are great!

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The strrpos() function finds the last occurrence of a string. You can use it to figure out where the file name starts.

$path = 'C:/dir/file.txt';
$pos  = strrpos($path, '/');
$file = substr($path, $pos + 1);
echo $file;
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