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I want to be able to have just one login screen. The user will enter the username, email and password every time they login. I am having the problem where I sign up, logout and then try to login using the same credentials and I just get an error back saying that the username is already taken. How can I just log them in if they give me the correct credentials?

PFUser *user  = [PFUser user];
user.email = emailEntry;
user.username = nickNameEntry;
user.password = passwordEntry;
[user signUpInBackgroundWithBlock:^(BOOL succeeded, NSError *error)
    if (!error)
        [MYAlertView showAlertWithTitle:@"Successful login"
        NSString *errorString = [[error userInfo] objectForKey:@"error"];
        [MyAlertView showAlertWithTitle:@"There was an error signing up."
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If user needs to sign up (first time), you need to use –signUpInBackgroundWithBlock:, as you are doing.

However, if he is already signed up, I guess you should use +logInWithUsernameInBackground:password:block:.

I'm getting this infos from this page, however, I never used this SDK.

The easier way to do that is :

  1. Having two buttons, that pushes different view controllers, one for signing up, the other for logging in
  2. The same form, and two buttons, one which calls a methods that calls –signUpInBackgroundWithBlock:, and the other that calls +logInWithUsernameInBackground:password:block:.

With the second solution, the problem is that if you have the same form, you can't ask special informations (name, date of birth, etc.) on sign up.

EDIT : You might want to have a look at :

  1. PFSignUpViewControllerDelegate,
  2. PFLoginViewControllerDelegate,
  3. Parse API Documentation (where I've found the two links above).
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