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  • AWS Elastic Beanstalk
  • Java application
  • .ebextensions currently placed in src/main/resources/.ebextensions

Commands are not being executed.

Where is the .ebextensions supposed to go in a Java application?

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.ebextensions should be placed in the root of WAR.

The WAR structure looks like the following:

          |   |_ 01run.config
          |   |_ 02do.config
               |_ classes
               |_ lib
               |_ web.xml

Refer to the official AWS docs for further information.

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My war is built using maven how would i modify my pom to achieve this –  Paul Taylor Jun 27 at 9:48
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Using Maven I did as follows:

  • mkdir src/main/ebextensions
  • put .config files into this folder
  • add the following to pom.xml


to transfer the files to the top level of the war when it is built.

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