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How can I parse a hashmap containing a (String, Object) of json nodes in .jsp per spring mvc?


 Map<String, Object> foo = new HashMap<String, Object>(); 
 o o o
 // foo stores json node within the map 
 System.out.println( ( (JsonNode) foo.get("theKey")).toString() );  // Ouput-> "[100]"
 System.out.println( ( (JsonNode) foo.get("theKey")).path(0).getIntValue() ); //Output-> "100"      

 //add to view model tag
 model.addAttribute("foo", foo);


<h1>${foo.get("theKey").path(0).getIntValue()}</h1>  // <- Returns 0!   Why?

EDIT: These all work

<h1>${foo["theKey"].path(0).getIntValue()}</h1>  // OK! Returns 100.
<h1>${foo["theKey"].toString()}</h1>  // NO ERROR and returns "[100]"
<h1>${foo["theKey"].path(0).toString()}</h1> // OK! Returns 100.


To add more context...I build the map from the following json:

// rootNode contains all the json below...iterates and assigns to map.
for (JsonNode node : rootNode) {
    foo.put(node.path("key").getTextValue(), node.path("values"));


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Did you tried foo[0] ? –  sam Aug 25 '13 at 12:07
Maybe this will help you : stackoverflow.com/questions/924451/… –  sam Aug 25 '13 at 12:09
@sam, yes tried the foo[0] and didn't get anything back. I know I can access a hashmap within .jsp as foo["theKey"] but after that not sure how to process the jsonobject. using path() and getIntValue() –  JaJ Aug 25 '13 at 19:44
@sam, looks like an issue getting the hash map. this works. ${foo["theKey"].path(0).getIntValue()} thanks for the info! –  JaJ Aug 25 '13 at 19:58

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Accessing the map correctly helps...jsonobject methods path() getIntValue() resolve fine.

<h1>${foo["theKey"].path(0).getIntValue()}</h1> // <- THIS WORKS..returns 100!
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