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I want to port an Arduino library (namely, the HerkuleX servo control library) from Arduino to the PC (namely, a desktop running Linux). Since Arduino libraries are written in C++, this should be fairly easy. However, the HerkuleX library makes use of the Arduino's Serial library, which AFAIK is specific to the hardware. Does anyone know of a cross-platform serial library (like Boost.Asio) with the same API as the Arduino one? I thought for sure it would exist already, but Google failed me. If not, I assume I'll have to pick an existing serial library and make a wrapper around it myself so it behaves like the Arduino Serial library. (That way if the upstream Arduino library is updated, re-porting it to PC won't be too much hassle.)

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Well, this doesn't solve my actual question, but does solve my original problem. I found a desktop C and C++ library for the HerkuleX servo available for download on <…; – William Hilton Aug 27 '13 at 21:57
For the record, I couldn't get that library to work, so now I'm working on a wrapper of <>; that implements the same interface as the Arduino serial library <>;. – William Hilton Aug 30 '13 at 19:30

Unfortunately the Arduino serial library is not portable. The code relies heavily on hardware and the AVR aritechiture of the Arduino. Here is the source and header file. As you can see in the header file it includes functions from the AVR library.

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