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I've been doing basic html coding for awhile, but I am coming across something here that has me stumped. Look at the page at on http://www.uwfantasyfootballleague.com/teams/2013_Atlanta.html and the page source code. On the resulting page, on the two rows of links at the top, the links on the right half of the page, the CL & PCC, and from SD to the right on the second row, are unclickable.

Here's a segment of the code:

Edit: well it won't let me post that section of the code because it says I need 10 reputation to most more than two links -- but the code is there on the page

There is nothing different about the code from the ones that aren't clickable, and there's no reason this should be the case, at least that I can see, or there is something obvious that I am overlooking. I can't figure it out. I've looked on different computers, on PCs and a Mac, and from different locations, it's nothing on the browsers end, it's something in the code, or at least how the code is being displayed.

I searched for an existing answer, only one I found...

Links not displaying links

...it referred to "div" and "p" tags, which I haven't used in my code.

Thanks in advance.

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CL & PCC are clickable in my browser ? –  Charaf jra Aug 25 '13 at 0:47

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I can see what you are talking about and I noticed that aside from the links on the right being un-clickable, the right edges of the EA and NYS links are un-clickable as well. This tells me that there is an element sitting on top of your text.

I inspected your code using Firebug on Firefox and am seeing this code hovering right over those links:

<iframe width="undefined" scrolling="no" height="undefined" frameborder="0" style="left:0;position:absolute;top:0;" name="aswift_0" id="aswift_0" onload="var i=this.id,s=window.google_iframe_oncopy,H=s&amp;&amp;s.handlers,h=H&amp;&amp;H[i],w=this.contentWindow,d;try{d=w.document}catch(e){}if(h&amp;&amp;d&amp;&amp;(!d.body||!d.body.firstChild)){if(h.call){setTimeout(h,0)}else if(h.match){w.location.replace(h)}}" allowtransparency="true" hspace="0" vspace="0" marginheight="0" marginwidth="0"></iframe>

This code needs to be omitted or fixed to solve your problem I believe.

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Well I couldn't see any iframe in the code (either in my file or in view source) so I guess it was something put in there from the Google Adsense code, which I now realize wasn't showing up on the page... hmmm, that makes sense. I removed Google AdSense here and the problem was solved. Thanks for the help –  user2714588 Aug 25 '13 at 1:13

An iframe with the id #aswift_0 is blocking the menu. Try removing this if it is not needed.

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