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Here is my class

public class ItemClass extends System.ValueType
    public var itemTexture : Texture2D;
    public var descriptionTexture : Texture2D;

    public function ItemClass (item:Texture2D, desc:Texture2D)
        itemTexture = item;
        descriptionTexture = desc;
        //GUI.DrawTexture(Rect(179, 140, 200, 202), attHighlight4);

Here is my array

var Test = new ItemClass(Axe, AxeDescription);
public var itemArray = new ArrayList();

If I try to access itemArray[0].itemTexture Unity tells me that itemTexture is not a member of 'Object'.

Looking for the syntax to access itemTexture.

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You may find this wiki page helpful: Which Kind Of Array Or Collection Should I Use?

ArrayLists contain 'objects'. When you retrieve your item back out of an ArrayList, it's unclear to the runtime or compiler what type that item was originally. You need to provide a more explicit type hint about the item, such as below:

var myItem : ItemClass  = itemArray[0]
var myTexture           = myItem.ItemTexture

You might consider using List<> instead, for the reasons covered in the wiki page.

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Ah ok, thanks. I'm a c++ programming just getting into Javascript. A lot of things that are simple in c++ are proving to be a bit more work. –  Riley F Aug 25 '13 at 1:33

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