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I am using monodevelop, and did a nodeview, now I want to get the data of the selected field just clicking the mouse how can ido that? I would like to try to use target signals. but what should I use?

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You can access the data of the selected node by your_nodeview.NodeSelection.SelectedNode.

Depending on what you mean by "just clicking the mouse", you can use either the NodeView.NodeSelection.Changed event, or the EventBox.ButtonPressEvent event.

1) The NodeView.NodeSelection.Changed event is raised whenever the selected node of your nodeview is changed. In particular, when you click the mouse on some node that is not selected, it becomes selected and the event is raised. You can see an example of using this event here.

2) If you wrap your nodeview in an eventbox, then you can catch the event that the mouse is clicked on your nodeview. You can see an example here.

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