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How can I get do.call (namespace:base) and rbindlist (namespace:data.table) to behave the same. rbindlist eliminates factor levels while do.call does not. The following shows the issue

(dataList <- list(data.frame(f1=rep(c("a"), each=1),"c"=rnorm(2),"d"=rnorm(2)),
                      data.frame(f1=rep(c("b"), each=1),"c"=rnorm(2),"d"=rnorm(2))) )

(rbindlist.Data <- rbindlist(dataList)) # combines lists into ONE data.frame same as above
(do.call.Data <- do.call(rbind, dataList))
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It's true that rbindlist doesn't deal well with factors.

Notice that the internal representation of "a" in dataList[[1]]$f1 and the internal representation of "b" in dataList[[2]]$f1 are both 1; verify this using str(dataList). Unfortunately, rbindlist will combine the internal representations; verify this using str(rbindlist.Data).

The solution is to rbindlist character columns, and not factor columns, unless you're sure the factor columns use exactly the same factor representation (with the same levels and labels). One way to do this is to use data.table consistently:

(dataList <- list(data.table(f1=rep(c("a"), each=1),"c"=rnorm(2),"d"=rnorm(2)),
                  data.table(f1=rep(c("b"), each=1),"c"=rnorm(2),"d"=rnorm(2))) )
(rbindlist.Data <- rbindlist(dataList))

produces the desired result, because data.table won't convert strings to factors.

You could use your original code with stringsAsFactors = FALSE (either in the data.frame call or using options). I wouldn't recommend this, though, as there's no harm (and much benefit) in using data.table from the beginning.

If you aren't making the data.frame yourself, you'll have to convert the column types. It's not hard with a data.table call; see Convert column classes in data.table.

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This behaviour has been fixed in version 1.8.9 of data.table. You can download the latest version from R-forge or wait for 1.9.0 to hit CRAN.

From NEWS :


  • rbindlist() now binds factor columns correctly, #2650.
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