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I am very new to Neo4j just learn it from last Friday.

I wonder if how can we get all nodes with the same type for example. I want to create page that list all users in the system.

My idea now have two approach: 1 Cypher with where clause:

CYPHER 2.0  START n=node(*) 
WHERE n.type = 'user' 

2 Cypher with indexing on type property

START n=node:userindex(type = 'user') RETURN n

I know that if userindex contains only user value for key type, it is not selective and is not good for indexing.

I don't know which one is the best approach for this since all example I found mostly start with one or two node and begin find other nodes that have relation with start node.

Thank you so much.

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You'll want to use labels for this. This could be your query:

MATCH user:User
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START n=node(*) WHERE HAS(n.type) AND n.type = 'user' RETURN n

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If you want to return all users in your userindex, then use:

START u=node:userindex("*:*")

And to return a list of all user names (assuming each user has the name property):

START u=node:userindex("*:*")
RETURN u.name as names
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