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I want to take advantage of .min and .debug versions of js and css files.

Consider this bundle for example:

          new ScriptBundle("~/scripts/vendor")

What is the correct mechanism to take advantage of each file. I mean how set some setting to make ASP.NET smart enough to use .min on final releases and .debug while debugging?

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Just use .Include("~/scripts/knockout-{version}.js") and ASP.NET will use ~/scripts/knockout-{version}.min.js in production and ~/scripts/knockout-{version}.js when debugging

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What about .debug for some libraries? – mehrandvd Aug 25 '13 at 6:23

You can have the bundler switch between debug and non-debug files if you group them with a wildcard. For example:

      new ScriptBundle("~/scripts/vendor")

Then include in knockout-version.debug.js and knockout-version.js in your ~/scripts/ path.

The bundler will use the debug version if you're in debug mode, or minify the non-debug version and use it if optimizations are enabled.

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