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When I try to import a maven project into eclispe juno I am getting the following error.jacoco maven error in eclipse.

I have the following lines in my pom.xml.


Why is maven giving this error? Any idea.

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The m2e plugin reports the error, because it can not find a m2e plugin that can handle the jacoco-maven-pluign configuration and execution within eclipse.

Thus the build on the command line via maven might lead to other results than the eclipse build.

You are using the jacoco-maven-plugin and I don't think it is necessarry to install a m2e plugin for jacoco.

You can either try to find a jacoco m2e adapter update site and install it or you move the jacoco-maven-plugin into a profile and only activate it when you need it.

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How do I install that? –  liv2hak Aug 25 '13 at 6:41
You can install it using eclipse Help -> Install New Software ... and enter the update site. Thus you install it like a "normal" eclipse plugin because it is one. Restart eclipse and the m2e error should disappear. –  René Link Aug 25 '13 at 8:17

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