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If I have 20 different jobs in Resque, does that mean that my ClearDB database would potential have 20+ connections? How can I monitor how many connections my ClearDB is using?

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It doesn't matter how many jobs you have in Resque. It matters how many workers you have running. In Resque, each worker runs in a separate process and hence opens its own connection to the database.

If the number of connections is a concern, you can try using Sidekiq instead. Sidekiq is API-compatible with Resque, but its workers run in threads in a single process. This way, you should be able to use a shared connection pool to manage how many connections are open at the same time.

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which one is going to scale better? would i rather have 30 connections to my db in different workers, or multiple threads in a single fat process? –  botbot Aug 25 '13 at 9:01
That all depends. :) If you're doing lots of IO and your code is thread-safe, stick them all in one process using Sidekiq to minimize memory usage. If you're using lots of CPU, each worker should have its own dedicated process. Hope that helps. –  davogones Aug 27 '13 at 4:45

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