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I want to setup more than one SMTP account for sending emails. so i use PHPmailer for sending mails which is work on SMTP. but here i want to setup external SMTP server for sending email following are the code we use:

require 'class.phpmailer.php';
$from = "abc@def.com";
$mail = new PHPMailer();
$mail->IsSMTP(true); // SMTP
$mail->SMTPAuth   = true;  // SMTP authentication
$mail->Mailer = "smtp";
$mail->Host       = "mail.externaldomain.com"; 
$mail->Port       = 587;                    // set the SMTP port
$mail->Username   = "contact@externaldomain.com";  
$mail->Password   = "mindcrew";  //  SMTP password
$mail->SetFrom($from, 'Rahul Singh');
$mail->AddReplyTo($from,'runrouter responder');
$mail->Subject = $subject;
$address = $to;
$mail->AddAddress($address, $to);

return $mail->ErrorInfo;
return true;

but it generate an error "The following From address failed: abc@def.com"

please help me what i do wrong into my code.

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