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I tried to install node.js on a Windows 8 machine, but I got the following error:

The cabinet file 'media1.cab' required for this installation is corrupt and cannot be used. This could indicate a network error, an error reading from the the CD-ROM, or a problem with this package.

I downloaded the installation file from the node.js website at http://nodejs.org/download/.

How I can solve this problem.

My system specifications are OS : Windows8 32bit, RAM : 4GB, CPU : Intel Pentium P6200, 2.13Gz, Dual Core

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corrupted download? perhaps try to download again? –  bryanmac Aug 25 '13 at 12:03
I downloaded it several times. But for every time it shows the same error. But I installed it in a Windows7 64 bit PC successfully. –  Sajith Aug 25 '13 at 14:31
Check for other possiblities : disk error, bad sectors. –  user568109 Aug 26 '13 at 8:54
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I was experiencing the same error message trying to install on Windows 7.

I was able to fix this issues and successfully install by:
changing the directory for installation.

Instead of installing within my "Program Files (X86)" folder, I installed into my "Program Files" folder

My suggestion is to try installing to a different directory as this solved the problem for me.

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For anyone stumbling here, my problem (on win 7) was I accidentally downloaded the 32-bit version by mistake. Getting the 64-bit version was the solution.

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