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How do I give input to a Tcl script through the keyboard? Is there any thing like scanf() in C?

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I didn't see the (only) answer chosen as the correct one, so I thought I'd check back in... Was your question answered, did you need more information, or did I just misinterpret what you were asking? – RHSeeger Dec 10 '09 at 14:42

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The gets command is probably what you want.

set data [gets stdin]
# or
set numchars [gets stdin data]

The scan command can be used to parse the input similar to how scanf does with C. It uses the format: scan string format ?varName varName ...?

Thus, to parse an input like "5 cats" to individual variables:

set data [gets stdin]
scan $data "%d %s" myint mystring

Edit: Added more information from Colin's comment.

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But if you want to break the input line that gets gives you into multiple values the way scanf() does, you might want to apply the scan command ( to its result, eg. scan [gets stdin] "%d:%d" hours minutes – Colin Macleod Dec 3 '09 at 22:58
puts -nonewline "Enter your name: "
flush stdout
set name [gets stdin]

puts "Hello $name"
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